One Awkward Bit of Self Promotion

Hi OAY friends, fans, followers and hopefully not foes! I just wanted to pop in and remind y’all that I’ve up and moved URL’s and can now be found oversharing here:

I’m dipping my toes back into the internet after a busy winter of work and travel and am currently writing my way through my honeymoon in Southeast Asia (don’t worry, there is plenty of poop, food spilling and general social anxiety to keep it spicy), in addition to my usual self indulgent nonsense.

Like…what is the deal with this peacock?


Who ate all this cheese???


And WHATTTTTTTTT are we wearing?!


All that and more!

Still ahead: more on marriage, books, food and other done-to-death topics.

Anyway, I am bad at self promotion but THAT is what’s up and if you’ve liked what you’ve read here in the past and wondered where you might find some more, well, now you know.

And on that note, fellow blogger pals, my reentry into the digital world means catching up on all of YOUR lives so do know I’ve not been ignoring you…intentionally anyway! Sometimes real life is just such a butthead, you know? Like, enough is enough, adulthood. I’m planning some serious catch-up in the next few days but if you DO visit HottSauce (and oh, I hope you might!) please leave a comment or say hello!

Have a wonderful weekend! THE END!