One Awkward Blackout

Good news, everyone! I’ve discovered something even more boring than football. Power outages during football games. Are y’all watching the Superbowl? What a disaster! Can these clowns not play in the dark? You know who could handle this mess: The Dillon Panthers and/or East Dillon Lions. Someone get Coach Taylor on the line immediately.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Shut this down.

In honor of these lights out shenanigans, here is a partial list of things I find even more boring than football:

– Baseball
– Mowing the lawn
– The “Jailbird Bates” storyline on Downton Abbey
– Moby Dick
– Corporate Strategy Meetings
– Listening to Jay Leno read the phone book
– Bradley Cooper
– The Superbowl Commercials 2013
– Church
– Slideshows of other people’s vacations
– BLT’s without mayonnaise
– Listening to commentators speculate about mid-football game blackouts.


Ok – So, this game is getting slightly interesting but I’m hitting print so I’ll stand by my word: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.