All About ME!

Hi there! OneAwkwardYear was launched in January of 201o as a place for me to showcase my unique and irresistible personality via the written word over the course of one, you guessed it, awkward year. Yes, I do realize we’re now well into either our Third or Fourth Awkward Year (not so great at math around these parts) but I’m not going anywhere and, well, I can’t figure out how to change the blog title. So why don’t we all just stop worrying about the details and enjoy the ride.

I am 28 years old,  I work in Manhattan in the book publishing industry and live in Brooklyn where I enjoy a plethora of farmers markets and artisinal goods. My favorite scent is Autumn and I look best in the color green. I once totaled my car in my parents driveway and I was named the second funniest girl in the Class of 2007 in a poll in our college newspaper.

I was walking down the street recently, rushing to get to Trader Joe’s, stock up on my favorite hummus, and a homeless man yelled out as I walked past. “Hey, Speedy!” he called after me. I didn’t turn around. He tried again: “Hey, Chicken Legs! Hey slow down, Speedy Chicken Legs!”

So I’d say that’s me in a nutshell: awkward, artisinal, almost really funny, Speedy Chicken Legs.

Untitled drawing

Also: I am actually a we, a set of conjoined twins.

Just kidding, that’s just two photos of me side-by-side.


Thanks for stopping by!

xo Liz ho

30 thoughts on “All About ME!

  1. My sister – novelwhore – posted the link of your Rapture post on Facebook and I absolutely died when I read it. Which led to me reading your entire blog and loving it. How funny and how absolutely true! The only drawback is that now I’ve read it all. I am looking forward to new posts; keep the awkward coming.

  2. I got voted “Most Likely To Fall Asleep In Class”, so you’re coming up way on top. This blog is hilarious. I’d like to see what “First Funniest” is doing with their blog, and if they’re even funny anymore. I doubt it. Challenge them to a blog off!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog–sadly–in year three of your awkward year. Apparently I have some catching up to do. Looking forward to more hilarious posts. Nice job!

  4. Love your blog Liz! Its great inspiration and fairly similar to what I just started myself this year (hopefully I’ll last as long as you). If you have got any tips I’d happily take em on board. Keep up the good work!

    • Inspiration! that’s the nicest thing ever, really! Thank you. From kind feedback I’ve received, I think people just like when you’re fun, funny and yourself so I’d say just do you and enjoy it! I just followed your new blog, looking forward to reading your adventures 🙂

      • 😀 That’s some good advice, I’ll definitely put it into practice! I think I’ll get the hang of it eventually. Thanks for following.. hopefully tour the first of many 🙂

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