One Awkward Hello, One Awkward See-Ya-Later

Oh my god, hi! It’s been like a million and a half years,  I know. I hope you’ve all been surviving. In the past few weeks a number of people – both friends and internet strangers! – told me they were missing my particular brand of internet wit so I can pat myself on the back that at least a handful of folks were missing me. But then last night one of my very best friends told me she hadn’t even noticed I’d stopped blogging sooooo ego: checked.

But I’m getting off track. What I came back today to say was, in fact, goodbye!

Well, not “goodbye,” so much as “see ya later” or “TTFN” as we used say back in our middle school yearbook days.

I, Liz Scobag nee Hobag, will still be alive and kicking and blogging all about it (more on that to come!) but One Awkward Year will be retiring after this post.

Don’t cry. It’s time.

On January 6, 2015, One Awkward Year turned five. FIVE! My, how fast they grow. I remember when she was just a baby and now she’s old enough to go to kindergarten. Oh I hope the other blogs are nice to her!

When I started this blog I was, to quote myself (ELL-OH-ELL, as if I’d quote anyone else!): “a 25-year-old bottom of the totem pole publicist living in NYC. I like cheese, Criminal Minds and wine.”

I am now a 30-year-old middle of the totem pole publicist living in NYC. Still love cheese, so over Criminal Minds and even heavier into the vino than I was in my youth.

My how I’ve grown!

The plan was to write for one awkward year, hence the oh-so-clever name. One year became two became … you know how to count…and before I knew it, five years had passed.

During those five years I learned stripper-aerobics, tried online dating, hired an assistant, ripped the crotch out of my very favorite pair of jeggings, had gross foot surgery, fell in love, farted in front of said love (for the first of MANY times), went out in public in a nude suit…more than once, got married, spilled 85% of my meals on myself, went to 497 weddings and did a billion, zillion other weird, strange,  embarrassing things.

One Awkward Year has been the FUNNEST AND BEST way to commemorate all of these happenings, but by the end of last year, well, I was over it. My creative juices were fermenting, but not into anything yummy and I just wasn’t having fun anymore. I found myself having Thursday night panic attacks about not having enough ridiculous photos to put together a week in review post. When I found myself unable to even muster the enthusiasm to write any more about my wedding, which we all know was/is my favorite subject ever I decided to take a break.  And again, something that was to be a short period of time just grew and grew until nearly four months had passed without a word. And I genuinely didn’t care. I missed it, a bit, the attention, of course, but also the creative outlet. But mostly the attention. But I needed to focus on my real life just a little bit before diving back into my virtual one.

As the new year turned, I began to feel reenergize to get back into the game, for lack of a better cliche, but I wanted a change. Like how Michael Jordan retired from basketball the picked up baseball instead. Except I guess he went back to basketball, didn’t he?

Like how Michael Jordan retired from basketball and then played baseball and then went back to basketball and then started making Hanes commercials! YES!

I’m realizing I know like, nothing about Michael Jordan.

All I know is this: I’m back. But I need a fresh start. I’m done shooting hoops and ready to shill tagless boxer briefs.

And so, Goodbye One Awkward Year, Helloooooooooooo Hott Sauce!

What is Hott Sauce, you ask? Why its your new favorite blog! Ok, basically it’s just this same old blog but with a fancy new name. Why is it called Hott Sauce? Because Ho+Scott = Hot & it makes me laugh & I love sauce & I don’t even know why. It just is!  Why bother starting a new blog, isn’t this one just perfectly fine? You are just full of questions! Sometimes a lady just needs to shake it up.

At Hott Sauce you’ll encounter essentially the same sort of hardhitting content you’ve come to expect – food stains, gastrointestinal distress, general oversharing – plus exciting bonus content on other things I find interesting like career, books, marriage, superfoods, Taylor Swift, Brooklyn, travel, feminism, Taylor Swift again…basically all the news that’s fit to use. And then some!

I have, and I say this with all the earnestness of an up-and-coming starlet unexpectedly winning an Academy Award, so appreciated every person who has read my goofy stories and commented and laughed and encouraged me to keep on keeping on. I remain amazed that anyone other than my mom actually reads this (extra amazed that my mom hasn’t disowned me after reading this) and hope you might continue to follow along from the new digs.

I would love to cover you in Hott Sauce!!!

Ew…no…I might need to work on that.

I had grand plans for the new blog to be up and running and gorgeous, with widgets and headers and banners and photos, before I unveiled it but once again, life just got in the way and that didn’t happen. And so it remains a work in progress. Much like my life. What a wonderful metaphor!!

My first post will be up Wednesday and eventually I’ll have some kind of posting schedule but it may take me some time to get there. I hope you’ll bear with me!

Ok, I’m acting like I’m shipping off to war, not changing blog platforms. Shut ‘er down, Liz. Move along.

Thanks for reading all these years, pals, and I do hope I’ll still see you around! As they say, the best is yet to come! Or the worst. Hard to tell. Guess you’ll just have to subscribe to to find out, now won’t you.

xoxoxoxo Liz Ho


7 thoughts on “One Awkward Hello, One Awkward See-Ya-Later

  1. Whew! I was worried about you. Not even joking. I seriously considered emailing you off-blog to check up in a totally non-creepy, non-stalker way but realized it would come off as creepy and stalkerly. So I am glad you are well, though I could have done without the construction workers.

  2. I second rossmurray1 up there, I was starting to fear the worst!! I’m a worrier though. I had gotten to the point of forlornly checking in on my wordpress reader with little hope of seeing one of your blogs again! I’m glad you’re still at it! And will def follow Hott Sauce!

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