One (Specific) Awkward Year: 30 Before 30!

Friends! Thanks to all for the sweet birthday wishes, you are some nice people. I’m already feeling older and wiser and maybe just a scoonch wrinklier, too.

In the spirit of making the most of my fleeting 20’s, I’ve decided to become a lifestyle blogging cliche and create a 30 Before 30 List – 30 things to try or accomplish before I hit the big, you guessed it 3-0. Corny, indeed, but I do love a good list and am always up for a challenge or thirty. Plus: think of all the writing material!

Also, I know what you’re thinking: Liz, why don’t you focus on your day-to-day lists and do things like clean your house or mail that wedding gift to your cousin who got married back in July or I don’t know your job, and I hear you loud and clear on that one, and I’ll definitely consider getting to those things eventually, but eh: boring. I need to reach for the stars, here before my AARP membership kicks in. (KIDDING).

I looked to a lot of other blogs for 30 Before 30 inspiration and stole a few good ones, but tried to focus on things that are actually possibly possible in the next 360 days (already losing time! OH GOD!) Much as I’d like to ride nude on the back of a great white shark off the coast of Bali, I just don’t know that it is quite doable on my dwindling time frame.

Some are silly, like getting a bikini wax (why is this even a thing that people do?), some are more intangible like solving my stomach issues and some miiiight be impossible, see “run half marathon” and “pay off credit card debt.” But ALL of them are happening. They are! Before September 14, 2014 the list below will be donezo and the whole world will know my name! Or I’ll still be entirely unfamous but with less debt and a smoother bikini line. Nowhere to go but up, friends!

Now quickly for the wild card: Number 30. I was realllly stretching for material as we got into the high 20’s here and decided it might be fun to take a little audience poll. What do YOU think I should do in this next year? I’m taking suggestions for something that is legal, not weird or perverted, not expensive (unless you’re paying, in which case, I’m all ears) and maybe a bit ridiculous to add to my list. Let’s hear your suggestions – the best one wins!!

And we’re off. I’ll do my best to document what is sure to be a THRILLING year, I sure hope you’ll follow along.

30 before 30

30 Before 30

1. Run half marathon

2. Pay off one credit card…put a dent in the other. (yes I have 2 credit cards. Proud American.)

3. Get a bikini wax

4. Take photoshop or other online design course

5. Submit something for publication

6. Visit each of the 5 boroughs of NYC (I’m coming for you, Staten Island!)

7. Do a pull-up (yes, just one. Aim high.)

8. Find a regular volunteer program

9. See a play on Broadway

10. Watch The Sopranos

11. Learn to shuffle cards

12. Stop biting my nails

13. Take a trip with my mom

14. Read outside of my comfort zone (looking for suggestions, literary pals!)

15. Visit Storm King

16. Get Acupuncture

17. Roast a chicken

18. Grow a vegetable to a point where it is edible i.e. don’t kill it

19. Zumba

20. Host a classy, adult dinner party

21. Add at least one more state to my list

22. Solve my stomach issues

23. Trapeze class

24. Reconnect with an old friend (I already have one picked out! Lucky person!)

25. Decorate our apartment

26. See the cherry blossoms in DC

27. Take out my navel ring (GREAT ONE, Liz!)

28. Make an IRL blogger connection

29. Hike 5 new peaks

30. Blog Challenge!

Boom. Let’s do this thing. Thanks for following along and now if you’ll quickly excuse me, I have a LOT to accomplish. First stop: Trapezing! Or maybe I should just get back to work.

xoxo Liz Ho


22 thoughts on “One (Specific) Awkward Year: 30 Before 30!

  1. I don’t know your literary comfort zone but you should give A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews a try. One of my favorite books for sure.

    Also an easy and cheap way to decorate is with vinyl wall decals! There’s this great website called walls need love, love your walls, eh something like that! Anyways you’ll want to cover your house in them. So artsy and beautiful.

    • Hi! This book sounds AMAZING! It actually sounds totally up my alley (I’ll have to write a longer post about what’s outside of my comfort zone…basically anything nonfiction!) but even if this is within my zone, I’m totally adding to my list because it sounds awesome. I grew up in Lancaster, PA with a huge Mennonite community, though I’m not myself, so I find that culture fascinating. Woot!

      And great idea, too. We can’t really paint…and I’m kind of that’s a perfect plan for me!

  2. Hey! Love your blog. Seriously, you are hilarious! Something I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten to just yet—-stay the night in a haunted hotel. πŸ™‚ A little All Hallow’s Eve inspiration since it’s right around the corner. Good luck with your list. πŸ™‚

    Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 13:39:31 +0000 To:

    • Why thank you so much! I do try.

      And WHOA this is an awesome suggestion. I don’t know if I could do it! Adding to the list…I’ll have to think if I could be brave enough. I’m such a chicken.

  3. You honestly have no idea how much I enjoy reading your posts!! They never fail to make me laugh, reminisce about old times, and inspire me.

    #30 ideas- just a few that came to mind if I had a list πŸ™‚
    learn to sew, stay up to watch a sunrise and sunset, try a new look or hair style, go streaking (kindaaa kidding!)

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  5. Have you read any of the vampire erotic novels out there? I think that would be out of my comfort zone.
    I should do a list like this too. But I have a few months until I’m 29, so I’ll put it off for now. Maybe #1 should be: STOP PROCRASTINATING.

    As for # 30… hmmmmmmmm. I will continue to think on this one.

  6. Ooh, I actually love non-fiction. A few I’ve read this year are The Psychopath Test, The Things They Carried, and Freakonomics. I’m planning to read The Signal and the Noise, Lean In, and The Victory Lab.

    Good luck on the half marathon! I’m training for one, too! πŸ™‚

    • Oh The Things They Carried! I think everyone read that in high school but I did not…added to the list! I love Psychopath Test (I’m his publicist, actually, haha) and still haven’t read Lean In even though I pretend to be a good feminist. Whoops.

      And thanks! Have you run one before?! I need to get my butt in gear, I might die.

      • Oh what?! I’m officially green with envy. I’m definitely crazy about Ronson’s writing.

        I haven’t! That was one of my New Years resolutions, but training is hard, mainly because I run well one week and then eat ice cream and watch a full season of the West Wing the next haha.

      • HAHA that is my training too! I decided to start this week…so far I did one 2 mile run…ate pizza…drank a lot…yup, that’s where I am so far. We can BOTH do it!! Now the whole internet knows we’re going to so…we kind of have to, haha!

  7. Alrighty (roling up pretend long-sleeves): Liz, I have some beloved non-fictions I can recommend, but the genre is generally environmental/natural history. Feel free to research, pick, choose, and/or ignore:
    1) Desert Solitaire by Edward Abby. Entertaining! Curmudgeonly and philosophical!
    2) The Song of the Dodo by David Quammen. Faaaascinating! Seriously.
    3) Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams. I haven’t finished this yet, but the way she describes the Great Salt Lake and the marshes and her place in them – delicious.

    And once you’ve read any or these or just feel inspired to take in the great outdoors, I humbly offer to help you cross off numbers 21, 24, and 29. I’m moving out to Colorado (potentially a new state?) where there are oodles of peaks to hike. And while I am likely not THE old friend with whom you are planning to reconnect, I am AN old friend. So there’s that. A caveat: I, too, have mountains of debt (thank you grad school!) and cannot pay your way. But, hopefully by the time you’d get around to this, I would have a more permanent living situation (i.e., not my friend’s guest bedroom) and would gladly have you as a guest. Keep it in mind πŸ™‚

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  9. Stoem King as in Storm King art center? I have not been there since I was a kid and have been telling the husband we must go soon. Let’s make it a date!

    If you are not referring to the outdoor gallery I want to know what your Storm King is.

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  11. Hey! Just found your blog and think you’re hilarious. If you’re looking for a regular volunteer program, I highly recommend New York Cares… they have literally every kind of volunteer program available. Love kids? Tutor them. Love people but hate kids? Socialize with the elderly. Hate people all around? Work with animals. Hate animals? Rehab NY parks and gardens. Hate all living things? Repaint an old building. They seriously have EVERYTHING… and at all commitment levels (one-day events to 3x weekly commitments). As a fellow late-twenty-something, I wish you good luck! πŸ™‚

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