Deep Thoughts & Anniversaries

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

If a blogger spends two consecutive evenings drafting thoughtful, well constructed content but posts nothing, does it count for anything?

Food for thought!

PS: Happy Anniversary, Will & Kate. I love you.



5 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts & Anniversaries

  1. I think those unposted posts count for a lot, as unsatisfying as they may be for the blogger! If nothing else, they are good practice, and they prove that we don’t want to post crap just for the sake of hitting the publish button and saying we did something. I mean that as a compliment to you, not as an implication that you ever write crap, but you have discretion about what you post. Ha – how was that for an awkward compliment?? Also, could Princess Kate BE any more perfect?!? And I totally pick William over Harry. He seems to have a good soul.

    • ha, thank you! I totally took it as a compliment and agree! Quality over quantity, yes?

      And I couldn’t agree more about Will & Kate. I adore her so much. And I think Harry would probably be fun for a lost weekend but Wills is a real keeper. I can’t wait for their baby to arrive!

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