This Is My Son, Fritatta

Today while perusing The Facebook, I stumbled across someone who’d named their child “Kale.” Don’t ask me who this person is, I literally have no idea. I am a creep!

Anyway, I was discussing this um, unique name with my sister and we have now decided we’ll be naming all of our future children after tasty foods. The catch: they all have to actually sort of sound like attractive human names. Offense intended, Gwyneth.

Here’s what we have so far:

Kale (thanks, Facebook lady)

Brie (mine)

Clementine (courtesy of my roommate)

Colby Jack (great one from the sis)


Aaaaaand that is all. A few discarded options included Pesto, Crab Dip and Leftover Curry. All great choices but ultimately just missing a little something special. We need your help!  There must be more. We are desperate for your input as we are both very serious and passionate about this quest to fill the earth with a generation of deliciously named babies. Best answer gets to be the dad!

Gross, nope. That last sentence was a joke! Totally serious about the other stuff, though. Help us!


27 thoughts on “This Is My Son, Fritatta

  1. Cherry! Super cute for a wee lass, and you won’t have to waste any time wondering what her profession will be when she grows up!!

    Olive is perhaps just as cute while being less . . . um . . . damning.

  2. How about Orzo for a boy and Apricot for a girl? Sort of like Orson and April, but with a twist. You could also do a post on names from back in the day that are never likely to be seen again. I had an Aunt Onda Lee and an Uncle Darwin. I guess my grandparents supported the idea of evolution back in the 1930’s. That was quite progressive. But where on earth did the in-laws get Onda?

    • Oooh great idea! Onda makes me think of Ore-Ida …as in French Fries. Why always with the food? But I love this idea! Maybe she was conceived in the back of a Honda and they left off the H? (Apologies to your whole family. So wrong, sorry!) It is so fascinating what “classic” names regain popularity – like Estelle or Evelyn and what still remain in obscurity, like your Onda or Gertrude. I wonder why?

  3. I met a guy in Africa whose name was Lemon Squeeze, his mother’s favorite drink. I also know of an Olive, a Kale and a Peach. Perfect autumn side dish.

  4. Taco Dip. I only say this because I’m craving taco dip and also because it has a certain ring. As in “Hey Taco Dip, how was school today?”

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