Yesterday was the coolest! The bigwigs at WordPress HQ, located deep in the depths of The Internet (a place that looks exactly like the Capital City from The Hunger Games, one imagines), selected my latest post memorializing Whitney Houston to be on their Freshly Pressed homepage and within a few hours I was flooded with of new comments, followers, and hopefully (fingies crossed!) digital friends.  Yesterday’s pageviews were a cool 59 times my average daily count for the past 2 years I’ve been blogging.

As my good, personal, real life friend Liz Lemon might say:

This was, literally, a dream come true. Everyone knows I blog 70% out of love for writing / 30 % love for attention. Well, maybe closer to 60/40 (orrr 20/80…1/99, whatever). So to have my writing selected, resulting in an outpouring of attention was a real shining moment for me. This is what it must feel like to be Homecoming Queen, or Kate Middleton.

But more than just getting the love and adoration I so clearly deserve, this Freshly Pressed experience is a major stepping stone toward becoming a better blogger. I know what you’re thinking: “Liz, you are already the best blogger ever!” Well thank you very much, but even masters can improve. One thing I’ve always admired about good bloggers is the ability to connect with other bloggers who share similar views, follow blogs they like and find readers for their own. For a number of reasons, laziness probably being no’s 1-17, I haven’t yet figured out how to make those cool connections happen for me.  Now thanks to Freshly Pressed, a TON of new faces have come to visit One Awkward Year (Hi! Thanks for reading! I love you! Romantically!) and I am so excited to go check out their stuff and hopefully, if I play my cards right, just completely ignore my actual paying job in favor of reading the Internet.

I’m also going to have to write more often. Can’t let down my new fans! These poor, poor bloggers are about to get so much Liz Ho up in their lives, I almost feel sorry for them.

One quick housekeeping note: due to the overwhelmingly positive response to my most recent post, this blog will now be devoted entirely to celebrity obituaries. I’m not saying I’m hoping a lot of famous folks start to kick the bucket but when they do, oh I will be here.

Ooh! Great idea for a screenplay: Broke writer of celeb obits becomes a serial killer, stalking the mansions of Hollywood Hills to bolster her business and pay her rent. Hijinks ensue. Starring Rachel McAdams, Billy Ray Cyrus and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Oscars for everyone.

BRB – have to go call my agent!


13 thoughts on “One AWESOME Day

    • Aww thanks lady!

      And I will fix it! Thanks for the heads up – you know I can barely use the internet haha. I have been keeping up with your adventures – loved those gorge vday flowers! xoxo

  1. For two years your loyal readers toil through one post a month but now you “can’t let down the new readers”?

    Sounds unfair to me.

  2. I saw your Whitney post on Freshly Pressed. I thought of you today when I had my own awkward moment and thought I’d look up your blog again. I recently started my own blog (I too like the attention). If you figure out the secret to connecting with other bloggers without seeming stalkerish, let me know!

    • HAHA there is NO way to connect with other bloggers without sounding stalkerish. But as I’m sure you can guess, I’d LOVE a stalker. And I am legit so honored that you thought of me when you did something awkward. Life goal – check! Thanks for making my day, lady!

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