One Awkward Identity Crisis

You Guys! I’m seriously confused! Yesterday I took two different “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” Quizzes and both came out cleanly as Harry. But that didn’t feel right. I couldn’t accept it! So today, desperate for answers, I tried again, only to find myself more lost than ever. The first test was inconclusive – telling me I’m either Luna Lovegood or Albus Dumbledore which makes NO sense becaue those two characters could NOT be more different and also (ALSO!) Dumbledore is dead (NEVER FORGET!) so, WTF,, you make no sense. So then I obviously had to take ANOTHER quiz and this time it told me I was Hermione, which like Yay!/Yay? because on one hand she’s the best but on the other hand she’s the total worst. And maybe I should have just listened to the original results, you know? I mean, Harry’s the hero, that should make me happy. But somehow…I feel adrift.


(And if you’re thinking “Well, Liz, you’re a real, adult human being who just spent the last 5 hours of her day trying to determine which fictional wizard character most represents her own personality and you should probably get a life and/or do your job, well you can just suck it and get off my blog.)

Happy Friday, Everyone! Accio Weekend!


2 thoughts on “One Awkward Identity Crisis

  1. Oh man, I can’t stop doing these now. I got another telling me I’m Draco Malfoy? Oh, and I should also apparently date a Weasley twin. I think I’ll stick with the non-dead one (also RIP never forget etc.).

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