AwkWORD of the Day


As in (you guessed it) iPad. I mean, really Apple? iPad? That’s the best you could do? I hate to get all potty-mouth here, but that sounds like a high-tech sanitary napkin. Does it come with wings? More absorbancy, less slippage? And then you go and discuss “iPad Apps?” That just makes me think of “applicator” as in tampon applicator (now flushable!) and now Apple products will forever be associated with the menstrual cycle. Menstrual, for the record, is another awkWORD so basically the iPad is the worst invention in history.

This blog post was disgusting! You’re welcome, world.


3 thoughts on “AwkWORD of the Day

  1. You can wipe yourself with the iPad. But you don’t have to. It might not even be covered by the warranty for liquid damage, so I would be careful about that.

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